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Why you shouldn’t have a Facebook page

18th Dec 2013
Written by Al
No Facebook

Facebook offers a lot of advantages to indie game developers. There’s a colossal international audience, it can be completely free to use and it’s a very strong driver for app downloads. However, these advantages will only become a reality if you use it efficiently. Before you set up shop on Facebook you should think about [...]

What is your game idea?

6th Aug 2013
Written by Al

You’ve decided to make a game. Very exciting! But what is it? You probably have a clear idea in your head, but have you clearly defined it? Making a game is an exciting and potentially rewarding thing to do, but it requires a huge amount of time and effort. It’s an emotional roller coaster ranging from [...]

How to promote your game without alienating your friends

5th Oct 2012
Written by Mike

Andy of “Amazing Ants” asks: Just releasing my first Indie Game and wasn’t sure if I should bother friends and family too much. Not wanting to spam friends and family is a common issue, especially when it comes to launching a first game. It is a difficult balance to strike, but we strongly believe that [...]

What you need to remember about digital distribution platforms

22nd Feb 2012
Written by Al
Screenshot of iTunes app of the week promotion

We get asked quite a few questions from indie developers, and try to do our best to answer them all. One we seem to get asked a lot  is what we think about different platforms. “Should I put my game on iOS, XBLA, Android, PC..? What would be best for sales?” It’s certainly a reasonable [...]

Why are YOU making YOUR game?

17th Jan 2012
Written by Mike

Making a game can be difficult. Typically for game developers (especially indies) there is limited time and money for the project. As such, it is usual to encounter areas in which you have to compromise. It’s rarely an enjoyable experience, but vital in oder to get your game finished. When making a decision about your [...]

Why will people join your indie game’s community?

3rd Jan 2012
Written by Mike

We’ve talked a lot about community on WOOTcomms, in different posts and for different reasons. Communities can help make or break a game. They are an incredibly important part of a game’s ecosystem, and should factor heavily in your marketing plan. But it’s also important to understand the basics of community, what people want and [...]

Social networks shouldn’t just be a bolt on

21st Dec 2011
Written by Sam

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A short and snappy update today but one I hope will spark some creative ideas. I’ll go into more detail around this in a later post and am more than happy to answer questions. (Also part 3 of the Facebook guide is on the way, this one just needs more research). Plugins don’t equal social [...]

Why you must reward your early players

20th Dec 2011
Written by Mike

The first people that play your game are incredibly important to your future success. If treated well they can ensure the success of your game, they can become your strongest marketing asset, advocates. They can go out and spread the word of your game, encouraging friends and family to play But if they have a bad experience they could very well relegate your game to the land of the obscure unknown, unplayed indie title, where indie games go to [...]

Why you should network

7th Dec 2011
Written by Al

Networking can bring up negative images of sleazy sales people ‘working the room’ and generally being false. In fact people like this are bad examples of how to network. Rest assured that good networking is much more genuine and pleasant. Think of it as simply ‘meeting new people’. We believe it’s an important thing to [...]

Take off your developer blinkers and let them break your game

6th Dec 2011
Written by Mike

As a games developer your single biggest asset in your marketing plan is to have a great product. That’s true of almost every business – if the products were crap, no one would buy them. It should be obvious to anyone in games development that you need to test your game before you launch it. [...]