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What is your game idea?

6th Aug 2013
Written by Al

You’ve decided to make a game. Very exciting! But what is it? You probably have a clear idea in your head, but have you clearly defined it? Making a game is an exciting and potentially rewarding thing to do, but it requires a huge amount of time and effort. It’s an emotional roller coaster ranging from [...]

Scribbles! – Trailer case study

18th Jul 2012
Written by Al

One of the best things about running WOOTcomms is when passionate, interesting game developers get in touch with us asking for our opinions of their games and marketing campaigns. It’s great to hear from our visitors and we are always happy to offer whatever help we can! One recent team we have heard from are [...]

Ideas to help fund your game – Affiliate Marketing

30th Mar 2012
Written by Al

Finding sufficient funding your game can be a tricky thing. Some indie developers are fortunate enough to have decent capital from previous projects, personal savings or investors which keep a roof over their heads, but many pursue their dream living on very little income. Recently, some newer and interesting methods have been found. For example, crowd [...]

What Content You Should Put On Your Facebook Page

14th Dec 2011
Written by Sam

As promised here is part two of our Facebook guide for game devs. Last week we ran through the initial setup of the page. In part 2 today we’ll now go through what content you should be looking at uploading to the page that will get the most attention from your fans. Editorial Calendar Before [...]

10 great examples of developer blogs

2nd Dec 2011
Written by Sam

This week we have been looking at developer diaries, Mike focused on why you should have one with Al showing you how to go about creating a great one. Today I will be looking at some top examples that we can all learn from.I have taken examples from five different categories; Sites, Blogs, Twitter, Videos [...]

How to write a great developer blog

1st Dec 2011
Written by Al

In a previous article, we covered 5 great reasons why you should start a developer blog. That’s all well and good, we hear you say, but how do you make a good one? With that in mind, here are 8 things you should keep in mind! Understand your audience Frequent readers will notice by now [...]

Trailers 101: Making a trailer for your indie game

17th Nov 2011
Written by Al

In a previous post, we covered why to use video and the different types you can produce. In this post we focus on trailers and cover some things that you should keep in mind when making one. What is the purpose of the trailer? Trailers are best for generating awareness about your game. If designed [...]

Turn the ‘everyday’ into engaging content

1st Sep 2011
Written by Al

Video games development is a lengthy process and it can be difficult to keep your fans consistently interested in your brand. Effective community management plays a vital role in this, directly interacting with the audience and keeping online conversation about their brand active and positive. The usual tactics employed in this include competitions and sharing [...]