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Ideas to help fund your game – Affiliate Marketing

30th Mar 2012
Written by Al

Finding sufficient funding your game can be a tricky thing. Some indie developers are fortunate enough to have decent capital from previous projects, personal savings or investors which keep a roof over their heads, but many pursue their dream living on very little income. Recently, some newer and interesting methods have been found. For example, crowd [...]

Why you should network

7th Dec 2011
Written by Al

Networking can bring up negative images of sleazy sales people ‘working the room’ and generally being false. In fact people like this are bad examples of how to network. Rest assured that good networking is much more genuine and pleasant. Think of it as simply ‘meeting new people’. We believe it’s an important thing to [...]

Engaging hostiles – How to deal with negative commenters

9th Nov 2011
Written by Al

Community management is the discipline of interacting with people who are talking about your game, and an important part of this is dealing with negative comments. These situations can be potentially difficult, and your involvement even has the potential to make things worse. With this in mind, here are some tips that may help you when dealing [...]

Mobile Corner: Link to your outposts, allow conversation

26th Oct 2011
Written by Sam
Quite simply a chain

It’s a cold and wintery night, someone is getting a bit keen with the fireworks and I have trash tv on. Oh the heady life I lead, but it does give me time to look through different websites and check up on the goings on of the gaming world. So your outposts, the website, Facebook, [...]