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How to make the most out of your beta keys

24th Nov 2011
Written by Al

Beta keys are often used by games makers for a variety of reasons. While the most obvious one is quality assurance (testing, or QA), they can also be used wisely as a marketing tool. Just producing a load of these and giving them out, however, is a wasted opportunity. Through the eyes of a gamer, [...]

12 tips for talking to the press about your indie game

1st Nov 2011
Written by Mike

As with all things, pitching your game to people goes a lot better with a little know how and some extra effort. Below we cover 12 tips for talking to the press about your game. Pitch to the right people Not everyone will care about your game. Certain sites focus on XBLA, other on iPhone [...]

How to create a press kit for your indie game

25th Oct 2011
Written by Mike

In my last post I covered why you should be creating a press kit for your indie game. In this post I’ll be covering exactly what you should be including in your press kit, and how you can make it as awesome as possible. First, two important points. Firstly, a press kit is not the [...]

3 reasons why you should create a press kit for your game

18th Oct 2011
Written by Mike

You may be forgiven for not knowing what a press kit is. They are also referred to as press packs, and media kits. In simple terms it’s everything a journalist needs to write a story about you and/or your indie game. Just like any other form of marketing their role is simple; grab the reader’s [...]