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Mobile Corner: Link to your outposts, allow conversation

26th Oct 2011
Written by Sam
Quite simply a chain

It’s a cold and wintery night, someone is getting a bit keen with the fireworks and I have trash tv on. Oh the heady life I lead, but it does give me time to look through different websites and check up on the goings on of the gaming world. So your outposts, the website, Facebook, [...]

Mobile Corner: Social Integration – Good Examples

19th Oct 2011
Written by Sam

“Siri… what does good social integration in a mobile game look like?” **ding ding** Sam, have you not worked this out by now? Daisy, daisy give me your answer doooo…. As my phone just so patronisingly put it there are many great examples of social integration with mobile applications and in this post I will [...]

Mobile Corner: A quick intro and a pet peeve

12th Oct 2011
Written by Sam

Sitting here with writers block (watching Coming to America probably isn’t helping) I figured that perhaps the best way to start my first WOOTcomms post was to give you, dear reader, a quick introduction about me. My name is Sam, and like Al and Mike I work in the world of advertising and marketing. My [...]