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What is your game idea?

6th Aug 2013
Written by Al

You’ve decided to make a game. Very exciting! But what is it? You probably have a clear idea in your head, but have you clearly defined it? Making a game is an exciting and potentially rewarding thing to do, but it requires a huge amount of time and effort. It’s an emotional roller coaster ranging from [...]

How to promote your game without alienating your friends

5th Oct 2012
Written by Mike

Andy of “Amazing Ants” asks: Just releasing my first Indie Game and wasn’t sure if I should bother friends and family too much. Not wanting to spam friends and family is a common issue, especially when it comes to launching a first game. It is a difficult balance to strike, but we strongly believe that [...]

Scribbles! – Trailer case study

18th Jul 2012
Written by Al

One of the best things about running WOOTcomms is when passionate, interesting game developers get in touch with us asking for our opinions of their games and marketing campaigns. It’s great to hear from our visitors and we are always happy to offer whatever help we can! One recent team we have heard from are [...]

Ideas to help fund your game – Affiliate Marketing

30th Mar 2012
Written by Al

Finding sufficient funding your game can be a tricky thing. Some indie developers are fortunate enough to have decent capital from previous projects, personal savings or investors which keep a roof over their heads, but many pursue their dream living on very little income. Recently, some newer and interesting methods have been found. For example, crowd [...]

What you need to remember about digital distribution platforms

22nd Feb 2012
Written by Al
Screenshot of iTunes app of the week promotion

We get asked quite a few questions from indie developers, and try to do our best to answer them all. One we seem to get asked a lot  is what we think about different platforms. “Should I put my game on iOS, XBLA, Android, PC..? What would be best for sales?” It’s certainly a reasonable [...]

How to write a great developer blog

1st Dec 2011
Written by Al

In a previous article, we covered 5 great reasons why you should start a developer blog. That’s all well and good, we hear you say, but how do you make a good one? With that in mind, here are 8 things you should keep in mind! Understand your audience Frequent readers will notice by now [...]

How to create your elevator pitch

3rd Nov 2011
Written by Al

In previous posts we have covered when you may use an elevator pitch, but it can sometimes be difficult to know what to include in yours. Worry not, for here are some points that should help you create a compelling one that will quickly get people’s attention! Be conscise The point of an elevator pitch [...]

12 tips for talking to the press about your indie game

1st Nov 2011
Written by Mike
talking to the press about your indie game

As with all things, pitching your game to people goes a lot better with a little know how and some extra effort. Below we cover 12 tips for talking to the press about your game. Pitch to the right people Not everyone will care about your game. Certain sites focus on XBLA, other on iPhone [...]

Who you should tell about your indie game

4th Oct 2011
Written by Mike

In my last post I rather sarcastically revealed the biggest “secret” to marketing your indie game. Well, in this post I detail exactly who you be telling, not including your mother. Real life friends and family You need to let people you know in real life know about it. Facebook, text messages, emails, real life [...]

The most important thing you can do to promote your indie game

27th Sep 2011
Written by Mike

I’m about to let you in on a secret. It’s probably the single best thing you can do to promote your game, and yet, developers all over the world are ignoring it. The trick? Tell people about your game. Yes it is that mind numbingly obvious, but for some reason people don’t. They create a [...]