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10 great examples of developer blogs

2nd Dec 2011
Written by Sam

This week we have been looking at developer diaries, Mike focused on why you should have one with Al showing you how to go about creating a great one. Today I will be looking at some top examples that we can all learn from.I have taken examples from five different categories; Sites, Blogs, Twitter, Videos [...]

5 great reasons to start a developer diary

29th Nov 2011
Written by Mike

A developer diary can take many forms. It can be as simple as a short form blog letting people know what the latest developments in the game are or could even just be regular tweets about the development progress. But it doesn’t just have to be technical updates and patch release notes. In fact, you’d [...]

8 tips to get people to watch your videos

22nd Nov 2011
Written by Mike

You’ve decided to make a trailer for your game (or video demo, interview etc). You’ve spent hours putting together the video, trying to make it as good as possible. It’s fantastic, a true reflection of your game, a shining beacon of video greatness in a sea of YouTube bile. So why is it sitting there [...]

Why you should use video to promote your indie game

15th Nov 2011
Written by Mike

One thing that large games publishers tend to do well is video content. Unsurprising, since they work in the video game industry. However, a lot of indie game developers neglect this area.  In this post we explore the different types of video content you can (and should) make, and why it’s such a good way [...]

Who you should tell about your indie game

4th Oct 2011
Written by Mike

In my last post I rather sarcastically revealed the biggest “secret” to marketing your indie game. Well, in this post I detail exactly who you be telling, not including your mother. Real life friends and family You need to let people you know in real life know about it. Facebook, text messages, emails, real life [...]

How to get the basics of SEO right for indie games

13th Sep 2011
Written by Mike
SEO for indie games

An incredibly important aspect of marketing is making sure people are able to to find you and your game. Traffic from search engines can be a huge boost to an indie game, but not everyone knows how to optimise their product sites for search engines. This is a quick run through of the basics of [...]