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Scribbles! – Trailer case study

18th Jul 2012
Written by Al

One of the best things about running WOOTcomms is when passionate, interesting game developers get in touch with us asking for our opinions of their games and marketing campaigns. It’s great to hear from our visitors and we are always happy to offer whatever help we can! One recent team we have heard from are [...]

Social networks shouldn’t just be a bolt on

21st Dec 2011
Written by Sam

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A short and snappy update today but one I hope will spark some creative ideas. I’ll go into more detail around this in a later post and am more than happy to answer questions. (Also part 3 of the Facebook guide is on the way, this one just needs more research). Plugins don’t equal social [...]

Trailers 101: Making a trailer for your indie game

17th Nov 2011
Written by Al

In a previous post, we covered why to use video and the different types you can produce. In this post we focus on trailers and cover some things that you should keep in mind when making one. What is the purpose of the trailer? Trailers are best for generating awareness about your game. If designed [...]

Mobile Corner: Link to your outposts, allow conversation

26th Oct 2011
Written by Sam
Quite simply a chain

It’s a cold and wintery night, someone is getting a bit keen with the fireworks and I have trash tv on. Oh the heady life I lead, but it does give me time to look through different websites and check up on the goings on of the gaming world. So your outposts, the website, Facebook, [...]

It’s called a campaign, so tell a story!

20th Oct 2011
Written by Al

Opening note – if your game doesnt have a plot/story/characters this may not be of immediate use, but it might give you some ideas anyway! If you have put together a reasonable marketing plan, you shall be using a mixture of PR, digital, social, all sorts! You could stick the usual stuff; gameplay trailers, giving [...]

Mobile Corner: A quick intro and a pet peeve

12th Oct 2011
Written by Sam

Sitting here with writers block (watching Coming to America probably isn’t helping) I figured that perhaps the best way to start my first WOOTcomms post was to give you, dear reader, a quick introduction about me. My name is Sam, and like Al and Mike I work in the world of advertising and marketing. My [...]

Who you should tell about your indie game

4th Oct 2011
Written by Mike

In my last post I rather sarcastically revealed the biggest “secret” to marketing your indie game. Well, in this post I detail exactly who you be telling, not including your mother. Real life friends and family You need to let people you know in real life know about it. Facebook, text messages, emails, real life [...]

How to get the basics of SEO right for indie games

13th Sep 2011
Written by Mike
SEO for indie games

An incredibly important aspect of marketing is making sure people are able to to find you and your game. Traffic from search engines can be a huge boost to an indie game, but not everyone knows how to optimise their product sites for search engines. This is a quick run through of the basics of [...]

6 principles for using social media to promote your indie game

23rd Aug 2011
Written by Mike

Everyone is talking about social media these days. But it’s not as easy as signing up to Twitter, posting a few links and watching the masses flock to your game. So here I’ve shared some mostly common sense principles for using social media to promote your indie game. Understand the culture Different sites attract different [...]

How to get feedback from your users

16th Aug 2011
Written by Mike

There are a whole host of reasons why should be listening to what people are saying about your game, and indeed your competitors. Discover bugs The most obvious reason is that it enables your users to inform you about the bugs they may discover whilst playing your game. Get Feedback It is great designing a [...]