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Scribbles! – Trailer case study

18th Jul 2012
Written by Al

One of the best things about running WOOTcomms is when passionate, interesting game developers get in touch with us asking for our opinions of their games and marketing campaigns. It’s great to hear from our visitors and we are always happy to offer whatever help we can! One recent team we have heard from are [...]

8 tips to get people to watch your videos

22nd Nov 2011
Written by Mike

You’ve decided to make a trailer for your game (or video demo, interview etc). You’ve spent hours putting together the video, trying to make it as good as possible. It’s fantastic, a true reflection of your game, a shining beacon of video greatness in a sea of YouTube bile. So why is it sitting there [...]

Trailers 101: Making a trailer for your indie game

17th Nov 2011
Written by Al

In a previous post, we covered why to use video and the different types you can produce. In this post we focus on trailers and cover some things that you should keep in mind when making one. What is the purpose of the trailer? Trailers are best for generating awareness about your game. If designed [...]

How to create a press kit for your indie game

25th Oct 2011
Written by Mike
how to create a press kit for your indie game

In my last post I covered why you should be creating a press kit for your indie game. In this post I’ll be covering exactly what you should be including in your press kit, and how you can make it as awesome as possible. First, two important points. Firstly, a press kit is not the [...]