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How to promote your game without alienating your friends

5th Oct 2012
Written by Mike

Andy of “Amazing Ants” asks: Just releasing my first Indie Game and wasn’t sure if I should bother friends and family too much. Not wanting to spam friends and family is a common issue, especially when it comes to launching a first game. It is a difficult balance to strike, but we strongly believe that [...]

Social networks shouldn’t just be a bolt on

21st Dec 2011
Written by Sam

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A short and snappy update today but one I hope will spark some creative ideas. I’ll go into more detail around this in a later post and am more than happy to answer questions. (Also part 3 of the Facebook guide is on the way, this one just needs more research). Plugins don’t equal social [...]

5 great reasons to start a developer diary

29th Nov 2011
Written by Mike

A developer diary can take many forms. It can be as simple as a short form blog letting people know what the latest developments in the game are or could even just be regular tweets about the development progress. But it doesn’t just have to be technical updates and patch release notes. In fact, you’d [...]

Don’t poke the beehive unless you are prepared for the swarm

23rd Nov 2011
Written by Sam

Social media has enabled communities to come closer together better than ever before (everyone is 4.74 steps away from each other according to Facebook). It has allowed them to have a higher public profile, allowed game developers to become closer to their fans and has also enabled the fans to influence the game developers they look [...]

Mobile Corner: Social Integration – Good Examples

19th Oct 2011
Written by Sam

“Siri… what does good social integration in a mobile game look like?” **ding ding** Sam, have you not worked this out by now? Daisy, daisy give me your answer doooo…. As my phone just so patronisingly put it there are many great examples of social integration with mobile applications and in this post I will [...]

5 ways indie games can use Twitter

20th Sep 2011
Written by Mike
How to use Twitter to promote your indie game

I’m going to assume you know what Twitter is. Largely because I haven’t picked up a newspaper in the last 2 years without at least one article being about Twitter. It’s amazing, it’s a revolution, it’s changing the way we communicate. And so on. You may even be on Twitter already. I am. But I [...]

11 tips when getting your indie game on Twitter

6th Sep 2011
Written by Mike
11 tips for indie games on Twitter

Register your namesake. Try to get a name that is as close to your company or game name as possible. Avoid stupid names that contain numbers etc. Add a picture and a bio. Not having either of these makes it look like a fake account. Make sure to add the URL to your site in [...]

You shouldn’t just jump onto Facebook and Twitter

9th Aug 2011
Written by Mike

Contrary to popular belief it is not a good idea to jump in to social media. It’s not important to ‘just be there’ – you need to know why you are there. You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to put into your online presence, and what you want to get [...]