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How to build word of mouth sharing into your game

5th Apr 2012
Written by Mike

A lot of people tend to think of marketing a game as the bit that comes after it’s built. The bit where you buy a few adverts and do a bit of PR. If you’ve read our blog before you’ll know that we think marketing happens long before the game is done and should actually [...]

How to make the most out of your beta keys

24th Nov 2011
Written by Al

Beta keys are often used by games makers for a variety of reasons. While the most obvious one is quality assurance (testing, or QA), they can also be used wisely as a marketing tool. Just producing a load of these and giving them out, however, is a wasted opportunity. Through the eyes of a gamer, [...]

Engaging hostiles – How to deal with negative commenters

9th Nov 2011
Written by Al

Community management is the discipline of interacting with people who are talking about your game, and an important part of this is dealing with negative comments. These situations can be potentially difficult, and your involvement even has the potential to make things worse. With this in mind, here are some tips that may help you when dealing [...]

Mobile Corner: Link to your outposts, allow conversation

26th Oct 2011
Written by Sam
Quite simply a chain

It’s a cold and wintery night, someone is getting a bit keen with the fireworks and I have trash tv on. Oh the heady life I lead, but it does give me time to look through different websites and check up on the goings on of the gaming world. So your outposts, the website, Facebook, [...]